Factors That Influence Your Skin Care Products & Routine

“If I could choose just one product for my skin what would it be?“ Is among the most frequently asked questions.

This simple question is always difficult to answer because there are many factors that go into what product to use for your skin care routine which influence your product decisions. Often just one product won’t be able to deliver the results you expect.

Factors Influencing Your Skin Care Routine

When evaluating the skin, we need to have in consideration different factors like age, lifestyle, skin type and family background and skin conditions.


As we get older, our skin produces and retains less collagen and elastin, which are key components of youthful appearance.

Lifestyle and your skincare routine

The way your skin ages depends on the things you do, if you exercise, eat healthy, manage stress, etc. These lifestyle factors influence our skin care routine because what’s good for one person may not necessarily be as good for you if you have different lifestyles.

The skin type and family background

Ethnicity plays a role in skin care routines as well. Understanding the individual history will lead to a more effective selection of products and ingredients.

Skin conditions

Everyone experiences different degrees of oxidation, sun exposure, and past skin care treatments that create inflammatory conditions. Strengthening the skin and reducing inflammation are possible when the proper skin care and ingredients are chosen.

One Product or Ingredient Can’t Do Everything

So back to the original question; “If I could choose just one product for my skin what should it be? “ The answer seems to be that many factors influence proper skin care so there no single solution that works for everyone. We all have our unique skin characteristics and should seek out advice what will work best in each individual circumstance.

Maintain Skin Care Routine Commitment

A regular daily skin care is fundamental to achieving your desired results. Proper advice will ensure strong, healthy and beautiful skin.

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