The EVOLVE system combines three powerful technologies to achieve its unparalleled results. These include TRIM to reduce excess fat, TITE to tighten the leftover loose skin and TONE to enhance the muscles. Evolve is the latest science-based technology licensed by Health Canada and the FDA in the U.S.

TRIM – For Fat Reduction

The TRIM component of the EVOLVE platform is for fat reduction. It uses a gentle suction to deliver radio-frequency energy at levels that permanently destroy unwanted fat cells and reduce cellulite. The gentle electrical pulses cause electroporation which is a process that disrupts the fat cell’s outer membrane, resulting in permanent destruction of unwanted fat cells.

TITE – For Skin Tightening

The TITE component of the EVOLVE platform is used for skin tightening and remodelling after the destruction of the unwanted fat cells. TITE is a bi-polar radio-frequency energy that gently warms the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This stimulates the body’s natural healing response which begins a cycle that leads to the production of new collagen and elastin fibres. These are the components of youthful skin which help to remodel and tighten the skin. One of the most unique and important features of InMode devices are their ability to detect real-time temperature changes in tissues. This constant monitoring allows a consistent delivery of energy to ensure the skin is constantly within therapeutic range throughout the treatment.

TONE – For Muscle Toning

The TONE component of the EVOLVE platform is used for muscle toning. Electromagnetic energy delivered to the deeper muscles is used to cause involuntary muscle contractions increasing muscle tone and strength. We are waiting for the arrival of this component in Canada following Health Canada Approval. Stay tuned to our AestheteMD news for our announcement when this exciting technology is here. 

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How is the treatment done?

The TRIM applicators for fat reduction are strategically place on the body with the use of a soft belt to address the areas of concern. The treatment time for TRIM is approximately 15 minutes. 

Following TRIM, the TITE applicators are applied to the same area using gel pads and the same soft belt a TITE. This portion of the procedure for skin tightening and collagen and elastic stimulation takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

These treatments are very comfortable. Our patients lay down in a private room while listening to music.

How long does it take to heal and see results?

There is no down time required following the EVOLVE treatment and patients resume their regular activities following treatment. The skin in the treatment area may remain red for a few hours but usually the redness dissipates very quickly.

The EVOLVE platform works by stimulating the body’s collagen and elastin production. The production cycle for these components in our body takes up to 6 weeks. As such the results of this treatment progress gradually within that time frame. A series of treatments are recommended to produce optimal results. And 

The TRIM component requires between 4-6 treatments performed weekly and the TITE component requires 6-8 treatments also performed weekly.

Following Treatment

Following the initial treatment series, 1-2 maintenance treatments are recommended every 3-6 months with the TITE applicators to continuously stimulate and maintain collagen production and maintain long term tightness of the skin.