This new treatment by InMode technologies has taken us to the next level when it comes to non-surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation. For the first time, we can offer our patients real, long-lasting, and incredibly noticeable results in non-surgical rejuvenation of the face and body.

Morpheus8 has been called one of the most revolutionary treatments of the skin by the greatest experts in the industry and our team is very proud to have the expertise to offer this treatment to our patients.

Morpheus treatments offer something for everyone. From advanced skin tightening, to contouring and resurfacing. Our patients young and old see incredible changes to their skin. This treatment lifts, tightens, contours, and smooths the surface of the skin.

It can be used for non-surgical improvements in the same areas treated with a  face and neck lift, lower eyelids, and small areas of concern all over the body.

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How is the treatment done?

At AestheteMD we do this procedure in 3 separate sessions approximately 1 month apart, or in combination with our amazing Facetite system. The entire face and neck are treated in approximately one hour. We use a topical anesthetic ointment to anesthetize the skin and some of our patients take oral medications for relaxation and comfort during the procedure. This combination ensures your utmost comfort throughout the procedure.

Following the initial series, we recommend doing 1 treatment annually to maintain long term results and to continue to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

How does it work?

Morpheus8 uses radio frequency energy. The efficacy and safety of this type of energy has long been proven in the aesthetic industry. The difference with Morpheus is that we are now able to deliver this energy to its greatest depth through the surface of the skin into the soft tissues and superficial fat. Since we are delivering the energy to the deep tissues, we are able to provide strong radiofrequency with heat. Through this heat we are able to able to tighten and smooth loose and wrinkled skin. The depth of this device allows the deep connections to the surface of the skin known as the fibro-septal network. This shortening of the connections allows the skin to tighten like never before. Furthermore, the heat stimulates new collagen and elastin production which are the essential components of youthful, smooth and tight skin.

What area the unique benefits of Morpheus?

We like to call it the treatment with something for everyone. Although this device was primarily designed for skin tightening, its powerful heat and deep penetration have made it an unparalleled treatment for many skin concerns. These include wrinkles and irregular skin texture, large pores and acne, severe acne scars, difficult to treat cystic acne, stretch marks and more…

What should you expect after your Morpheous8 treatment?

We usually expect some redness and swelling for 1-3 days after the procedure. We ask that our patients avoid direct sun exposure during this time and be very diligent with the use of sunscreen.