Why we love dimples

Dimples are considered a desirable feature across many cultures and in some considered to be a sign of fortune and prosperity. Appearing on the faces of many celebrities, dimples are an endearing feature that can make a smile more distinct and memorable. By creating definition in the lower face they also tend to create a slimming appearance in those with a round face.

Dimpleplasty or dimple creation surgery

Dimple surgery requires great understanding of anatomy and expertise to avoid complications. When done correctly it is a very safe procedure that can be performed quickly in the office with local anesthetic. As a board-certified head and neck surgeon with specific certified training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Javidnia is uniquely suited to performing cosmetic surgery through incisions in the mouth.

How dimple surgery is done

Dimpleplasty is done at our onsite stat of the art private surgical facility under local anesthesia. Dimple surgery is performed with incisions in the mouth behind the area in the cheek where the dimples are created. There are no incisions on the outside of the face. A permanent suture is used to create the dimple within the cheek. The exact location and depth of dimples would be decided by you in consultation with Dr. Javidnia. The surgery takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and since it is done with local anesthetic patients can go home immediately following the procedure.

After surgery

Some tenderness can be expected following dimpleplasty which is easily managed with over the counter pain medication. There can be bruising and swelling in the area of the dimples for 1-2 days following the surgery, however most patients are able to go to work the day after surgery. The results of surgery are apparent immediately following the procedure.

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