UniverSkin is a patient-centered skincare line, the result of a specific mix of evidence-based dermo cosmetic actives, with a sophisticated emulsion basis containing hyaluronic acid, omega-3, biomimetic peptides and camelina oil. With 19 different actives, 57 possible concentrations and 1159 possible combinations.

Your Skin Care specialist will create a Fresh and personalized skincare serum with a unique combination of active ingredients, according to your skin needs .

UniverSkin is a French pharmaceutical company that was founded in 2006, based in Sophia Antipolis, France. A team of scientists consisting of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, biologists, pathologists, chemists and pharmacists created UniverSkin to actively innovate to make your skin better.

These cosmetic solutions are now available in dermatology, plastic surgery and medical aesthetic practices in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Sources: Some information provided by Universe Skin

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