Dr. Javidnia Virtual Consultation Landscape

Private Virtual Consultation

While Dr. Javidnia’s office is closed to in-person visits during the Covid-19 Pandemic, she can still have a virtual consultation with you.

Think of a virtual consultation as a house visit where you speak privately to Dr. Javidnia from your home through your mobile phone or computer. That’s right, you don’t need to leave your home, just click on the app.

You and Dr. Javidnia will hold a face to face meeting over a private connection. By seeing your face on camera, Dr. Javidnia can examine your areas of concern, assess your needs and make recommendations.

The virtual consultation is free of charge!

Privacy – This is NOT like Facetime or other meeting platforms

A virtual consultation with Dr. Javidnia is a private matter, it’s just between the two of you. You are connected to Dr. Javidnia by Medeo, one of few video platforms approved by Canada’s Privacy Commissioner for medical appointments. This platform made specifically for medical consultations is incredibly high quality and clear.

Your visit with Dr. Javidnia is clear and private.

You can meet face to face, share documents, and even use a chat feature.

How to Book Your Virtual Consultation

It’s easy to get your private virtual assessment with Dr. Javidnia:

  1. Complete the online form or call our office to schedule an appointment
  2. Download the Medeo App to your phone
  3. Click the connect button on your app when it’s time for your scheduled appointment.

Why act now

Getting your assessment done now has significant advantages: Your treatment is done soon after the pandemic clears, and your assessment is free of charge!

Go ahead take the first step and get your assessment!

Dr. Javidnia has been featured in Distinctive Women's Magazine and is a member of Ontario Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association, Facial Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery Academy and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.