Non-Surgical Brow and Eye Lift

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The aging process in all individuals involves multiple factors. These include loss of skin fullness, and elasticity, Volume loss in the fat, muscle, and bony structures of the face, as well as certain anatomical changes. Although a non-surgical brow and eye lift treatment cannot replace Brow lift surgery, when expertly combined, non-surgical brow and eye lift treatments can help to address multiple components of the aging process causing significant facial rejuvenation.

Skin tightening modalities such as Accutite or Morpheus8 can restore the fullness and elasticity that is lost in the peri-orbital aging process and help to tighten the skin around the eyes.

Depending on the individual, injectable fillers and can enhance the fullness and contours around the eyes, and injection into the temples can help to support and lift the lateral brows.

Neuromodulators can relax the muscles that depress the brows allowing a lifting effect of the brow complex.

When appropriate amounts and locations of injectables are used, they can cause a lifting of the brows and improvement in the contours around the eyes and brows causing rejuvenation and a less tired appearance.

Using a combination of these modalities simultaneously maximizes the results.

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