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Patients most often seek earlobe repair surgery for ear piercings that have stretched and opened over time, sometimes have torn through the earlobe, or caused stretching of the earlobes. Others have purposefully created large holes for wearing ear gauges and would like to have these reversed. For a small structure, earlobes are a point that draws the eyes and an important feature beside the face.

Cosmetic surgery for earlobes and gauge repair

Although many earlobe repair surgeries can be relatively simple, some can range to the more complicated. Gauge repair surgery in particular is a delicate procedure that requires careful attention to symmetry and limited appearance of scars. As a board certified ear nose and throat surgeon with specific certified training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Javidnia has preformed many earlobe surgeries and is uniquely suited to preforming cosmetic surgery of the ears.

How earlobe repair surgery is done

Earlobe surgery and gauge repairs are done under local anesthesia. Earlobe repair surgery can be preformed with incisions on the earlobes in an appropriate location to hide scars as much as possible. The type of surgery and size of earlobes would be decided by you in consultation with Dr. Javidnia. Earlobe surgery can take approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the extent of correction required. Earlobe surgery is a day surgery where patients go home after the procedure.

After surgery

Patients will go home with sutures covered in ointment. Following earlobe surgery there is some tenderness that is expected and easily managed with appropriate pain medication. Seven days following earlobe surgery you will return to our office to have your sutures removed. There is often no bruising and minimal swelling which resolves within the first week following ear lobe repair.

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