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Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, our office features a state-of-the-art private medical and surgical centre where Dr. Javidnia consults with patients and performs cosmetic procedures, along with minimally invasive procedures such as Facetite, Necktite, and other laser treatments.

The internal building was newly constructed in 2018 with the architect and engineering teams under the direct supervision of Dr. Javidnia. As is her nature, she meticulously ensured that the building was equipped with the most up to date equipment and safety features ensuring the utmost safely and comfort of our staff and clients. In the meantime, providing a beautiful and comforting aesthetic to provide the most inviting and relaxing experience during our consultation and treatment process.

Our facility is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology in skin treatment lasers, and surgical equipment and facilities extending our clientele beyond Ottawa, and bringing in patients from across the country.

Our Surgical Suite

Our surgery centre features a hospital-level operating room, five exam rooms and three recovery bays for post procedure care. Our facility has a fully accredited Ambulatory Surgical Centre certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario which inspects the strict infection prevention and control guidelines of Public Health Ontario. The college requires hospital level equipment and safety standards including infection control, instrument sterilization and strict equipment standards/procedures for your safety.

Our highly trained team of board-certified anesthesiologists are pleased to offer the highest standards in different levels of anesthesia for your comfort. Depending on your surgery, we offer local anesthetic, light or deep sedation, as well as general anesthesia.

At our private surgery centre, Dr. Javidnia uses her unique and gentle touch to perform a variety of cosmetic procedures as well as corrective cosmetic and facial reconstructive surgery. During your stay, you will enjoy premium amenities which include a comfortable changing room and pre-operative private waiting area, private recovery bays and attentive patient care.

Prior to your surgical procedure, you will have a personal and detailed consultation with Dr. Javidnia to discuss your surgical needs. You will also have a preoperative appointment with our RN to extensively review all the small details related to your surgery and recovery.

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