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The importance of facial contours

Contours of the face have received significant attention in the last decade as facial contouring with make-up has become mainstream.  When we first meet someone, our brain immediately scans their face and they do the same with ours.  We look for information about the other person such as their age, gender, and emotions. Facial contours are a big part of this quick facial scanning by our brain.

Thread lifts are becoming an increasingly popular method of achieving desired facial and neck contours with minimal invasiveness and down time. While they cannot replace a surgical facelift, they are ideal in circumstances where facial aging is prevalent enough to be noticeable, but not significant enough to require surgical correction

What is a thread lift?

Threads are essentially strings made mostly of suture material made to adhere to soft structures under the skin, giving the ability to lift and reposition the sagging tissues. The material in threads is most often polydioxanone (PDO) and/or Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA). Both of these materials are absorbable and dissolve safely under the skin in anywhere from 4-6 months. Through the process of dissolving, they leave an area of natural collagen production which extends results to anywhere from 12-24 months. They have been used in facial surgery and rejuvenation for decades with an excellent safety profile. The use of threads has been popular in Europe, Asia, and the United States for several years and with recent Health Canada Approval, we are also excited to have access to this minimally invasive rejuvenation method.

As an expert in facial surgery who performs many facelift surgeries, Dr. Javidnia has particular expertise in tissue lifting and repositioning. It is crucial that your surgeon is not only experienced in facial surgery, but that they have a deep understanding of how different superficial and deep anatomical structures form the basis for how the face looks, moves, and conveys different expressions. This gives her the ability to predict the best vectors of pull for the most significant yet natural results through tissue repositioning.

How Thread Lifting is done

Thread lifting is a short procedure performed comfortably with local anesthetic in approximately one hour with immediately apparent results. Little to no recovery period is required as there are no incisions and minimal bruising and swelling to be expected. Most patients return to work the next day and are surprised at that significant immediate lift and contouring achieved.

Often times, other procedures can be performed in conjunction with thread lifting to optimize results and appearance.  These can include sub-mental liposuction (removing fat from under the chin in the neck) or facial volumization with fillers or biological stimulators such as Sculptra or Radiesse.

To learn more and discover if you’re a good candidate for this minimally invasive and exciting new method of facial rejuvenation come in to see us at AēstheteMD for a consultation.

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