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The importance of the forehead and brows

A brow and forehead lift concerns the area around the eyes (peri-orbital area)and is one of the first places in the face where we see signs of aging. Combined with the fact that this area is the first place people look at when they meet us, it is one of the most important considerations in the maintenance of a youthful appearing face. The two stubborn lines that often form in between the eyebrows (Glabellar lines) can make us look like we have a perpetual frown. Long lines can slowly appear spanning the entire forehead like a little ladder leading up to the hairline. These lines combined with drooping of the eyebrows can cause a tired and sometimes angry appearance.

Browlift and forehead lift

A brow and forehead lift procedure can be done alone or often in combination with an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the upper face and area around the eyes. There are different ways to lift the eyebrows. These often range from using neuromodulators (Botox/Dysport) for a small lifting effect, to small incisions on each side of the forehead or temples to lift the tails of the brows, to a minimally invasive method using a camera (endoscope), to lift the entire forehead. If glabellar lines are present, they should be addressed either with surgery, or neuromodulators depending on patient preferences. The brow and forehead lift procedure that will suit you best is determined by you in full consultation with Dr. Javidnia.

brow and forehead lift

Endoscopic brow and forehead lift

An endoscopic eyebrow lift is minimally invasive surgery which is done with local anesthetic and sedation. Dr. Javidnia performs most browlift surgeries at our onsite state of the art private surgical facility with our experienced board-certified anesthesiologists. Depending on if it’s done alone or in combination with other procedures such as blepharoplasty, it takes 1-2 hours to perform. We use small incisions which are hidden within the hair to insert an endoscope (camera) and instruments required to release the muscles that cause deep wrinkles and to lift the eyebrows back to their youthful position. In women, the ends of the eyebrows are moved up to create a beautiful arch. Using the camera under the skin, the appropriate muscles are released while visualizing and avoiding damage to important nerves and vessels in the area. Then sutures are used to fixate the forehead and brows in their new lifted position.

After surgery

Brow lifting is day surgery where patients go home after recovery from the anesthetic. A tight dressing is placed on the forehead which is removed 3 days after surgery. The small incisions in the hair are usually closed with surgical staples and these are removed approximately 1 week after surgery. Our patients are asked to sleep with several pillows or to elevate the head of their bed for 2 weeks following surgery to decrease swelling and bruising in the area. This swelling and bruising takes approximately 2 weeks to subside. Some patients use make-up to camouflage the area which works very nicely and are able to return to work within one week. Otherwise, most patients are fully healed within 2 weeks of surgery.

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