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The importance of the chin

Chin augmentation can enhance facial harmony in both men and women. People often tend to think of the chin as an important feature only in men. Conjuring thoughts of the strong masculine chin. However, in women the chin is just as important. Perhaps not in the same way as men in terms of a prominent feature, but more in the sense of balance and harmony among all facial features. In plastic surgery of the face, it is a well-known fact that the appearance of the chin has strong effects on the appearance of the nose. A small and overly receding chin can make the nose look bigger and appear as though it sticks out further from the face than it actually does. In contrast, an appropriate size of chin for the face can make the nose appear smaller and more in balance with all other facial features. Another area where the chin has a great effect is the neck and areas around the jawline. A chin that is too small can tend to heighten the appearance of a double chin and cause lack of definition between the jaw and the neck.

Chin augmentation surgery

Chin augmentation can be done in several important ways. A small chin can be made more prominent with surgery that moves the chin forward or with placement of a biocompatible implant in front of the chin. A small chin can also be made more prominent with the use of injectable fillers or Radiesse.

To address a double chin, another area that can often be modified along with the chin is the area under the chin. This area can be augmented with a face and neck lift, or sub-mental liposuction. These surgeries can be done alone or together to remove extra fat and or skin from under the chin.

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How Chin implant surgery is done

If done alone or along with sub-mental liposuction, chin implant surgery is usually done under local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Javidnia performs most chin implant surgeries at our onsite state of the art private surgical facility with our experienced board-certified anesthesiologists. If combined with a rhinoplasty, it is usually done with general anesthetic. Either way, it is day surgery and the patients will go home after the procedure.

An incision is made inside the mouth in the area between the lip and the front teeth. Careful dissection is done to create a pocket for the implant. It is very important to have an experienced surgeon who is aware of avoiding critical nerves and vessels in this area. As a surgeon devoted to surgery of the head and neck, Dr. Javidnia has operated extensively in this area and is an expert in this anatomy. After a pocket is carefully created, the implant is put into place and sutured in an optimal position. The incision in the mouth is closed with self-dissolving sutures and a dressing tape is put on the outside of the chin.

In sub-mental liposuction a small incision is made in the crease under the chin and a liposuction cannula is put under the skin and the fat in this area is carefully suctioned out. The small incision is then closed with one or two very small sutures.

After surgery

After going home from chin augmentation surgery, patients are advised to have a caregiver and to stay in bed for the remainder of the day and night except to go to the washroom. After the first day, light activities can be resumed. After 1 week all chin augmentation dressings are removed and most patients can return to work and resume most normal daily activities. We advise our patients to avoid heavy lifting or high impact activities or anything that could bump the chin for at least 2 weeks after chin augmentation surgery. Bruising over the chin usually resolves within one week after the surgery. Most noticeable swelling resolves within the first two weeks and minor swelling resolves gradually over the next few months.

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