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The aging process in all individuals involves multiple factors. These include loss of skin fullness, and elasticity, volume loss in the fat, muscle, and bony structures of the face, as well as certain anatomical changes. Although a non-surgical skin tightening treatment cannot replace facelift surgery, when expertly combined, non-surgical treatments can help to address multiple components of the aging process causing significant facial rejuvenation.

Skin tightening modalities such as Face/Neck tite or Morpheus8 can restore the fullness and elasticity that is lost in the aging process. Depending on the individual, injectable fillers and collagen producers such as Sculptra or Radiesse can enhance the fullness and contours of the face. When appropriate amounts and locations of injectables are used, they can cause a lifting effect to parts of the face. Using a combination of these modalities simultaneously maximizes the results.

At AestheteMD we pride ourselves in bringing the most up to date expertise and technology to our patients in the Ottawa region. As a premiere clinic for facial rejuvenation we are proud to be the only surgical centre in Ottawa to offer the most advanced and effective technology in skin tightening.

The Tite system is a new and advanced technology that provides minimally invasive lifting of the face and neck as well as rejuvenation of the eyelids and other small areas of the body. This procedure is only performed by surgeons and not available to any other practitioners. Facetite is the first minimally invasive technology that can achieve results at times comparable to surgery. This scarless and incision free skin tightening procedure generally uses 3 access points created by a needle to deliver bipolar radio frequency energy to the subcutaneous tissues. By directly accessing the fibroseptal network which are the connections of the skin to the underlying tissues, this procedure provides unparalleled tightening of loose skin.

In combination with other procedures including liposuction, skin resurfacing, fillers and neuromodulators, and sometimes mini facelift surgery the effects of the Facetite system are even more enhanced.  Visible contouring of the face, neck and jawline is achieved in one procedure. Lower eyelid pseudo-fat herniation (under-eye bags) and skin laxity are addressed without surgery.

How is skin tightening treatment done?

Dr. Javidnia performs skin tightening treatment in our state-of-the art operating suite under local anesthesia. Our expert team of nurses and physicians ensure the utmost comfort. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour to perform. There are no incisions used, only entry points created by needle. After the procedure a pressure garment is applied and patients are discharged home.

How long does it take to heal?

We usually expect some redness and swelling for 3-5 days after the procedure. We ask that our patients wear their pressure garment for 3 days. The recovery for this procedure is generally not painful due to its very minimally invasive nature. As such no narcotic medications are required during recovery. Most of our patients use only Acetamenophen if necessary. Some mild swelling can persist for up to 2 weeks, however after day 3 and removal of the compression garment we expect return to work and regular activities and application of regular skin care or make-up. Treatment results start to show at approximately 6 weeks and continue to evolve for 6 to 8 months after.

How does it work?

The Facetite system uses radio frequency energy. This type of energy has long proven its safety and efficacy in the aesthetic industry. The most unique feature of Facetite is its ability to allow your surgeon to deliver this energy directly under this skin, while precisely monitoring in real time the distribution of heat both in the deep tissues and on the surface of the skin. This close monitoring of heat allows your surgeon to deliver the maximal safe levels of heat to the fibroseptal network that connects the surface of the skin to the deep tissues. By tightening these skin connections, Facetite tightens and smooths loose and wrinkled skin unlike any other technology. Furthermore, the heat stimulates new collagen and elastin production which are the essential components of youthful, smooth and tight skin.

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